Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another avenue

i'm starting on my new blog at wordpress...finally...think i'll be stopping here gradually..

wordpress's good. i can determine which post i want it read and which post i dun. save myself from future trouble from irritating egoistic ppl to read and take it personally and "ridicule" me again.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Cell

Today's cell group discussion has been very fruitful and refreshing. It is a timely reminder for me as to why i'm going to church or even serving in the children church ministry at all.

Its not that i've forgotten that serving and going to church is a crucial aspect of our christian walk with God. Its just that i've forgotten the sole purpose of serving... to serve and honour well as to build up a legacy of what i can leave behind for the next generation.

For this fact alone, it helps reignite the passion i first had when i first joined children church. It also brought me back the memory of how i first came to know Christ and how i had loved God so much so that i would read the bible every single day so that i can find out all about Him.

I had always been in self-denial about being in a season of spiritual dryness. The growth is going on the negative. And i do know the source of why this is happening. Maybe its really time i give it a thorough reconsideration and not just per-say only. sighz. its a reality i must face.

Supper with my new cell members from the 19yr-old cell had been tremendously fun. As always..we had allowed the newbies quick assimilation into our group and i can see that all of them are very comfortable with us.

Not surprising. Since they're all on the talkative side as well. Haha. 

I hope this coming Friday's plans with the twins and Russell works out. I haven gone rock-climbing since last year..june? and i'm definitely looking forward to doing it this Friday.

Rasmus!! Jia you for yer driving and riding test this thursday yeah? i'm sure the grace of God would be over u and both tests will be completed with great results...ganbette!!

And then come April, it'll be my turn to pass and then we can all go riding together!! So other than praying for my pass, also pray for my dad's consent to get a bike ok??

yup yup. i love my new cell grp and the new frens that came with it...yeah!!!

and one last thing (pardon my language though).....ridiculed unmercilessly? to the FUCK with u manz. nobody can be bothered the least bit. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Statement

Yay! i like this : "people who don't know me thinks i'm quiet. But people who knows me wished i was"

Reflection: i think many people do feel the same way about how their friends thought this of them. Its a funny statement though. All thanks to Esther who showed me this :) 

i'm so glad i met up with u guys today. it helps take my mind off my 3rd attempt's failure. u guys have been great cheer-leaders!!!

I'm sure my fourth attempt on 2 April shld be the final one.....Esther, i can den ride u to school!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

everything is ridiculously blowing out of proportions.

stop k? stop!

my blog had meant for me to have an avenue to rant. i hate it when i get ppl telling me i shouldnt be writing this, i shouldnt be writing that.

Arg...if i shouldnt be writing my real thoughts then why shld i even blog. its the essence of it isnt it?

i'm not publicizing to get attention. read only if u are genuinely concerned. stop reading if u are getting upset or offended. don't come in if u dont appreciate wat i'm writing.

this is a democratic country. u have yer own choice. nobody is forcing my posts down yer throat and ask u to say "u are right abt wat u are writing"

everybody has their own thinkings and ideas.

i do appreciate the girl who replied to my second latest post in her own blog. i'm sorry i pissed u off. i'm sorry i hurt yer boy. i'm sorry it hurt u too. sorry.

pls just leave me alone. i've said all i wanna say in yer blog comments.

Monday, February 16, 2009

sighz.. an old rant

why why why?

it was only last October we were still talking. All went well during Ricky's birthday party didnt it? The supper after that was oso fun...that was only the third time we met up..but even so... just exchanging smses in between had been great. Why did u allow the misunderstanding to break up this frenship?

and the misunderstanding had been so silly!!

u were online just y didnt u reply my email? sighz..its so funny how one moment i haf some other fren who thinks i'm pissed with him for ignoring me when i didnt even wanted to be bothered with dropping him one small sms.. while i'm here being genuinely exasperated with yer silence and sending u smses and emails over the months.

how could a guy be so petty. u arent like that i'm sure.

wat are the chances of u reading this? how else u want me to tell u that i'm not really interested to knw yer frens and asked u to ask them along simply cuz its kinda funny if its just us.

This is hilarious...

he thought my earlier post was written because i was upset with him for ignoring me and tt it was because i was more angry with myself than with him... this "reply" from him:

>> actually ..
>> just reading the post alone
>> i gather shes pissed with me
>> cause ive been ignoring her

<< obviously

>> nope
>> even when i see her
>> i make a point to look really uninterested :p

<< the only reason she’s ranting about you 2 months late
<< is because she’s pissed

>> precisely :p
>> sad right

<< and because she wants to instigate some kind of response from you

>> nah
>> im honestly tickled
>> like i wanna laugh ..


>> because she just personified irony in its pure form :D

<< for fucks sake
<< who does she think she is
<< its not like you don’t know that you’re an idiot anyway
<< she thinks she’s being glenda the good witch by telling you that you’re an idiot?

>> youre a funny pug

<< no i just think she’s a first class hypocrite
<< for someone who can be so damn adamant and godly in front of me
<< come along and make this kind of commtns



Notice the bolded comments? those are the ones that got me laughing...

oh my gosh....hhahahahha

having not spoken for wat....more than 2 reading my post he thinks i feel pissed that "OH MY GOD...HE IS ACTUALLY IGNORING ME!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING"

when someone tries to act smart and thinks he's that damn good at inferring wat others write, based on only 1 pathetic post...he's just...i dunno...making a fool of himself? esp after he said " and because she wants to instigate some kind of response from you which i hope you don’t give her because she’s a bitch honestly"

dun hope to give me any response fom him? Hm.....but why am i suddenly seeing the 2 comments he dropped to me..(although) anonymously???? and den oso 2 posts in his blog?

oh my gosh.. can someone help me to stop laughing? and if u thnk i had cared abt reading his blog, which is how i saw his 2 posts? was only thru my fren who read it..and came to thank me for speaking up for him. and i thought he read my blog. 

But he said.. 

"No..i was reading his blog and was pleasantly surprised to see how u stood up for me" 

and i said " but i dun go into his blog leh..wats the blog add?? i go see!!"

and TA DA!! He READ my blog and got super pissed (Shhhhh....he's claiming he's not bothered by it at all) and i read all abt his opinions abt wat he thought of my post..

and he's laughing at my post like how i'm laughing at his... hahahahah...this is funny shit...when everyone who knew the REAL reason why my earlier post was written, had been laughing non-stop when they saw HIS "reply" post!!!

and he mentioned...

he ACTED uninterested when he saw me... Mm...lets see....i was playing basketball with chong deng and logan...and den a call came from him and sometime later...he appeared....and just sat there watching us play basketball..and den started talking to logan and giving him childish dares(as usual)...and lets see....did i run up to him like i saw the love of my life? my memory's not failing me...but i dun thnk i did.......did i even turned a glance at him when he arrived? ...i dun thnk i did..... so why is he saying tt he made it a point to look uninterested to see me.....did i even care he's there in the first place??? was he even FIRST thought of and asked to be invited over in the first place??!!!

i wasnt planning on having to give any sequel to my earlier post.....but wat he wrote just tickled me so much so tt i had to say it out. He commented that i shouldn't enter into his game. Who's in yer game? Nobody wants to have ANYTHING to do with u anymore dude.... i dun need any response from u in the first place...

Yer so good with yer words...i'm hardly at yer level...its tiring to thnk of how i shld write my reply to you (its not necessary but i had to get it out) so that u will not read and think that i'm angry that yer not talking to me anymore.

This is really funny shit....

but then again..i cant help but think back on wat i do miss about this frenship... 

those dinner outings we had...

those outings had been really really fun.... 

the things he said and did was funny...

 very enjoyable and entertaining times... 

and how he brought me out for porridge when i was not feeling well....and thereafter, companied me the entire day... 

the assuring remarks when i was having probs with a fren... 

the list does go on..

u cant imagine how i had been going around telling me frens wat a genius u are for knowing all the places in spore u brought us to..which i nv knew existed...

u didnt know how much u impacted my life..then..

why had it all come to this? because of the stupid mistake i made? from his comments, hell yeah.

All these dissing of each other shouldnt be happening at all. like he said...we were aldy leaving each other alone and moving on with our life. The only reason for my earlier post was more like a rant after i found out abt wat he did to Peter. Ddint expect him to think that it was because of him ignoring me.. wat a joke...

i dun need a response from dun want a response from u...

i'm not writing this to piss u off further or tickle u up further. 

i'm just reflecting on wat had been happening and how it had been better times before these shit happened. 

The only thing that u hurt me about had been how u asked me to go to yer church with u and the tone and attitude u gave me when i hopped into yer car. maybe u did it so tt u can haf the satisfaction of making me feel punk'd and i'm saying thats really hurting. 

U can have the satisfaction.

Monday, February 9, 2009

thank you Reina dear for reminding me that i've gone stagnant on my blog... but most importantly, i know that there's u who's concerned abt my life's updates and wat not... as uninteresting as my blog had been...u had cared enuf to come by :)

nothing much interesting abt my life as always...but oso not particularly uninteresting... the great uni frens i made...God had indeed provided well...not only all of them turned out to be christians...they are all a lot more faithful than i am... which makes it so much easier to stay on the right track even while in sch... ha!

i've started to like basketball alot..and managed to get past my personal barrier of not playing cuz i'll think to myself "i've got no basketball skills..and basketball is not fun at y play?"..

but all thanks to my sis, Chong Deng and Logan, they helped to spark off my interest by teaching me some basic dribbling skills and many fun shooting games. and i proudly declare "i love basketball now!"

haha...but these 2 new frens made indeed brought abt alot of fun into my life as well...and i know that i can count on this frenship to last for the years to come...

apart from chong deng and logan, there's supposed to be jon lim in the grp as well...but he utterly disappoints me with his nonsensical immaturity and high level of inferiority complex... given his high IQ, his EQ is totally embarrassing... and even if logan or himself ever stumbled upon my blog and gets upset abt my comment, i'll still say it. Unless he learns to deal with people nicely, i'm not speaking to him anymore.

he just has to realize that the frens ard him had been treating him with sincerity. but as dumb as he can get with his low EQ, he thnks he feels better making cutting and hurting remarks and put them down. WTH. Go on, hurt the people ard u...Peter trusted u and u treated him like dirt... Yer the worst idiot i ever knew. U deserve having no more frens. I'm being harsh...but since nobody dares tell u this in the face, u know jolly well know i will. Since day 1 u know me. u KNOW i say things on my mind. U know that i'm not as predictable as u thnk i am. But one thing for sure u do not need to figure nice to yer family and frens from the bottom of yer heart and not just me...everybody else will be nice and love u for who u are. Grow up Jon. Dun be stuck at the EQ of a 1month old! blog is NOT dedicated to him. damn.

i need to get a bike--as in a bicycle... i wanna do night cycling...and i need it at my workplace since the common bike that we're sharing is giving me difficulty cuz of my height. sighz yes. i'm not really short, short. but i cant help it that most of my colleagues are taller than me and so they had to lower the seat just for my sake.

thanks guys...u guys are the most wonderful colleagues i ever had. (i'm referring to those at Forest Adventure where i'm working at now)

i sincerely apologize if my frens lost track of what i'm doing right now.

i'm doing a bachelor degree in Econs and Finance at RMIT (SIM campus, sadly) and working part time at Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir.

Anybody interested to challenge yerself on this Unguided tree-top adventure course, feel free to visit the webbie @

tats all dear Reina!!! i've updated my blog for u!! *muacks*

PS: can let me know yer blog add so tt i can save it in my favourites?